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A car had another Saturday night. People think. Upgrade it.
Ten or so after the sound of gunfire,prada outlet a driver died, another waiting nervously to his story to the police.
Conflict resolution of the gun is sadly common in New Orleans,prada handbags but no about that a routine: the dead were retired footballers will Smith, a star to win in the spirit of the 2006 teams to help the stricken city saints season after hurricane katrina,prada replica and playing a team won the super bowl team only three seasons.
The defendant was a former semi-professional football player, 29, was named Cardell hayes. A trailer the boss of the company and the father of a 5 year old son, hayes is a friend called gentle and mild temper - almost outbreak of deadly type of road rage. His lawyer has laid a foundation for self-defense parameter test before open.
Jury selection began on Monday about 130 potential jurors to apply for a court to New Orleans. It is expected to be completed on Tuesday afternoon.
Outside, some of the protesters waving CARDS,prada replica it reads "free Cardell Hayes. On Monday," Hayes was wearing a black suit, he had to appear in court in an orange prison.
Smith's popularity and local national reputation may be obstacles.
"Will Smith is clearly a respected members of the community in New Orleans," loyola university law professor, said in a recent interview. In Mr. Dion ", will make it more difficult to this case,prada outlet all the defense."
The shooting death of Smith is strange like Joe McKnight,prada bags sale another former NFL player was shot and killed on Thursday after road rage incidents in New Orleans suburb spiraled out of control on a bridge. Authorities decided to shoot the man in that situation - Ronald was released without charge, is a man who is fond of the investigation continues.
Hayes has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Smith's death. Faith with a mandatory life sentence. He was charged with attempted second-degree murder injuries to Smith's wife, who was shot in the leg. He has been taken since April to make $1.75 million in bonds.
Near the scene of surveillance video clips, a police statement, and pre-trial hearing testimony in April 9:
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Smith and his wife and two friends left behind a restaurant in New Orleans garden district and city center streets magazines. Smith's SUV once seemed to hit the back of the hummer parked in the street.
Rather than stop, Smith saw his SUV hummer and downtown. Moments later, the hummer SUV. Smith from behind, broke the window to the rear of another vehicle, more friends Smith was riding.
The aggressor is who will be in trial in subsequent conflicts. Hayes admitted that at least one policeman, he is armed when he got off the car. He said he was chatting up a unarmed Smith and others,prada bags outlet and Smith attacked him, although police said there is no obvious signs of damage.
The first officer close to collapse after the scene is an off-duty rookie in a nearby bar. Christopher McGaw testified that the he close to the argument grew more heated, withdraw, and when the shots ring out and then approach, found that fell in the front seat of his car. Smith, on the one hand, prolonged the glove box.
"What should I do?" Hayes heard ask McGaw, telephone recording 911 McGaw placed at the scene.
Why Smith drove away from the first scene, apparently small accident; Whether hayes purposely car after a while, Smith. Smith is to achieve a gun, he was shot to death - all in the test questions could be solved.
Defense is a toxicology report shows that Smith was legally drunk when he died. Reference to the other factors in: "will Smith is the fact that some reports, so loudly and belligerent; can be said that forensic evidence can support, will Smith is arrived at the gun."
Smith returned to his SUV,prada bags cheap when he was shot dead, police said there was a loaded gun. Might help defense, hayes in self-defense, Ciolino said. But this is an argument can be passivation,prada bags replica Smith was shot and killed eight times - seven, added in a side. - he was in
Prosecutors also the hummer of hayes hit from behind Smith's SUV is very tight, rear Windows shattered.
Another odd situation: Smith's friend who is on the night of the shooting scene, William Ceravolo New Orleans a retired police before the accident and Mr And Mrs Smith have dinner.
Ceravolo is after six police prosecuted, hayes police killed his father, Anthony hayes in December 2005. The police solved the case in 2011, the terms of confidentiality.